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  Mostly about the music with some other scene related stuff too. We love festival chill out tent style music probably the most, but are fairly diverse when it comes to underground bass music.  Some of the genres ( Without trying to put everything into a box) that we love are Glitch Hop, Psy Dub, Psy Bass, UK Dubstep, Chill Step, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, Sacred Bass, autonomic...




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Get with this.. Take a trip into this swirling vortex of energy, of robotics, strange symphonies and heavy textures. As Jilted Hoodz tunes with and remixes the divine cosmic sounds of the mighty Synchromute, a beast of a producer hailing from Australia. Also a veteran of the intergalactic underground (with serious expertise with live electronic performance and bass).
Salute to the Mutantz Waveforms Crew <3
Created with Love.

* Soon to released on vinyl for Mutant Waveformz V.A album
Synchromute's Original Track: Unityengine – Synchromute-serene-squelch
Mutant Waveformz Soundcloud Page: @unityengine

JiltedHoodz - Atomic Spectre