Limited Edition Vinyl coming straight from Australia.  Underground Chill out music from the Mutant Waveformz legends



side a-

Inheritance_Somnus Lak - 5:06

Roller_ Synchromute - 5:09

Drone Origami_ (breve>Mr Fungus Mix) -6:10

side b-

In Out Thru Out In_Phreaddee( Veil Remix) 5:05

Serene Squelch- (Synchromute/Jilted Hoods RMX) 5:38

Mr Stone_Base Electro(n) 5:17

Get with this.. Take a trip into this swirling vortex of energy, of robotics, strange symphonies and heavy textures. As Jilted Hoodz tunes with and remixes the divine cosmic sounds of the mighty Synchromute, a beast of a producer hailing from Australia. Also a veteran of the intergalactic underground (with serious expertise with live electronic performance and bass).
Salute to the Mutantz Waveforms Crew <3
Created with Love.

* Soon to released on vinyl for Mutant Waveformz V.A album
Synchromute's Original Track: Unityengine – Synchromute-serene-squelch
Mutant Waveformz Soundcloud Page: @unityengine

JiltedHoodz - Atomic Spectre